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The slugger itself has no options. The reason for that is to only provide immutable objects as public API. This will prevent multithread related problems.

The only “runtime” option you can pass to the slugger is the used separator:

final Slug slugger = ...;
// Default separator:
final String url1 = slugger.get("...");
// Custom separator:
final String url2 = slugger.get("...", "*");

Keep in mind that the latter call will overwrite the separator set to the builder options.

How to Configure a Slug

The basic principle how to configure and create a slugger is based on the builder pattern. That means that you can’t create an instance of Slug by yourself. You must use Slug.Builder for that.

Create a slugger with default options:

final Slug slugger = Slug.Builder.newBuiler().create();

Create a slugger with some options:

final Slug slugger = Slug.Builder.newBuiler()

Keep in mind that each call to Builder#create() will create a new immutable instance.

If you change the options of the builder, any yet created sluggers will not chnage their behaviour:

final Slug.Builder creator = Slug.Builder.newBuiler();
final Slug slugger1 = creator.separator("_").create();
// Will not affect slugger1!
final Slug slugger2 = creator.separator("*").create();

Builder Options

All methods to set an option returns the builder itself for method chaining.

Note: default only Base64 characters are allowed (/A-Za-z0-9_-/), setting uric, uricNoSlash or/and mark to true will add the specified chars to the allowed characters. The separator character is always allowed.

  • Builder#custom(Map<String,String> custom) default: empty
      • Custom map for translation, overwrites all.
  • Builder#lang(Language lang) default: Language.ENGLISH
    • Language for symbol translation (see Javadoc for list).
  • Builder#maintainCase(boolean maintainCase) default: false
    • true: Maintain case characters.
    • false: Convert all characterss to lower case.
  • Builder#mark(boolean mark) default: false
    • true: Additionally allow characters: "-", "_", ".", "!", "~", "*", "'", "(", ")".
    • false: Only Base64 characters allowed (/A-Za-z0-9-_/).
  • Builder#separator(String separator) default: "-"
    • Character that replace the whitespaces.
  • Builder#titleCase(boolean titleCase) default: false
    • true: Upper case title words.
    • false: Nothing upper cased.
  • Builder#titleCaseExclude(String... titleCaseExclude) default: empty
    • Converts vararg to set and calls #titleCaseExclude(Set<String> titleCaseExclude).
  • Builder#titleCaseExclude(Set<String> titleCaseExclude) default: empty
    • Set of words to not uppercase if titleCase is true.
  • Builder#truncate(int truncate) default: 0
    • 0 -> Don’t trim length.
    • > 0 -> Trim to max length while not breaking any words.
  • Builder#uric(boolean uric) default: false
    • true: Additionally allow characters: ";", "?", ":", "@", "&", "=", "+", "$", ",", "/".
    • false: Only Base64 characters allowed (/A-Za-z0-9-_/).
  • Builder#uricNoSlash(boolean uricNoSlash) default: false
    • true: Aadditionally allow characters: ";", "?", ":", "@", "&", "=", "+", "$", ",".
    • false: Only Base64 characters allowed (/A-Za-z0-9-_/).