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Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
Commons Application Provides utilities to reduce boiler plate code when creating simple command line or swing applications.
Commons Concurrent Provides common data structures (such as queue, stack etc.) in a concurrent flavor.
Commons Config Make configurations easier.
Commons Experimental This modul contains experimental API. Do not use in production code. Everything in this module may change drastically or may be vanish at least.
Commons Guava A small subset of Guava to reduce the footprint of this library.
Commons JCommander Handy extensions for JCommander.
Commons Shell Utilities for creating more complex shell commands with subcommands. It provides easy ability to parse the users command line input.
Commons String This module provides string helpers (e.g. XML or HTML escaping).
Commons Swing Provide helpers to create Swing applications: Builders to create menu/tool bars and bordered layout base frame.
Commons System Abstraction of system call such es exit().
Commons Testing Helpers for unit testing such as capture STDOUT printing.
Commons Time This module provides time helpers (e.g. stop watch).
Commons Validate Same functionality like Apache Commons Lang3 Validate, but without the heavy footprint of the whole lib from Apache.
Commons URI TODO
Commons Parse -